Uncovering 'undercover superheroes'

We want to accelerate social impact by recognising, supporting, and connecting purpose-driven individuals and organisations to ensure their purpose is turned into action. We believe that only through radical collaboration across sectors and organisations, both public and private, sufficient impact can be made to face today's challenges such as climate change, resource depletion and rising inequality.

Purpose-driven individuals drive change through the organisations they work for, whether they are (social) entrepreneurs running their own initiative or (social) intrapreneurs, working within an organisation. Social entrepreneurs prove that money can be made while addressing a social issue. Social intrapreneurs, who we prefer to call 'impact intrapreneurs', are changemakers within organisations who initiate creative and profitable ways to deliver social value by leveraging existing infrastructures and organisational capabilities. They drive change from within to address social and/or environmental challenges.

Purpose People’s main focus is on impact intrapreneurs, because this group of changemakers is not widely recognised yet for the tremendous value they create. They do their purpose-driven work besides their formal responsibilities, often 'under the radar'. This makes it even harder to identify and recognise them. They often feel lonely on their journey, although they will have allies both within and outside their organisation. Many intrapreneurs do not even know that this is what they are and even more people would like to do more purposeful work but do not know how to do this within the boundaries of their job description (we call these 'latent intrapreneurs').

It’s time to discover, uncover and recognise these 'undercover superheroes'!


We recognise individuals and organisations for turning their purpose into action through showcasing them and the impact they make:

  • Impact Intrapreneurs
  • Impact Accelerators
  • Impactful collaborations



We support intrapreneurs and their organisations through:

  • Creating awareness about intrapreneurship through speaking, lecturing and media attention
  • Providing guidance by developing and facilitating workshops & trainings and by offering coaching & consulting
  • Sharing knowledge through an online library, webinars and events
  • Impact Allies


We connect purpose-driven individuals from all backgrounds and sectors through:

  • Facilitating purposeful introductions
  • Offering online and offline networking opportunities
  • Organising workshops & events