It is our mission to create awareness about intrapreneurship. We make organisations aware of the importance and value of impact intrapreneurs, so they will facilitate, stimulate and empower them. We Recognise, Support and Connect purpose-driven people to encourage them to maximise their impact.

We provide inspiration by showcasing how purpose-driven people and organisations turn their purpose into action. Together with our Impact Allies we provide support to intrapreneurs and their organisations through workshops, trainings and coaching & consulting. We regularly speak at events and we give lectures at universities.

We Recognise individuals and organisations for turning their purpose into action through showcasing the value and impact they create:

  • Impact Intrapreneurs
  • Impactful purpose-driven organisations
  • Impactful collaborations

We Support intrapreneurs and their organisations through:

  • Creating awareness about intrapreneurship through speaking, lecturing and media attention
  • Providing guidance by developing and facilitating workshops & trainings and by offering coaching & consulting
  • Sharing knowledge through documents, webinars and events

We Connect purpose-driven individuals from all backgrounds and sectors through:

  • Facilitating purposeful introductions
  • Offering online and offline networking opportunities
  • Organising workshops & Events