Who we are
Eveline Maas is the initiator of Purpose People. She is convinced that if everyone would live more purposefully, the world would be a much better, happier and safer place. She wants to contribute to creating a world in which people live more consciously and more purposefully and in which everyone can be his or her authentic self, in every role one plays.

From her own experience as an impact intrapreneur at ABN AMRO Bank she knows how valuable these types of employees are. She also knows how challenging it can be to follow your passion and to keep on going to realise your vision. She thoroughly understands the opportunities, challenges and isolation impact intrapreneurs face on a daily basis. She now wants to dedicate herself to creating awareness around the importance and value of impact intrapreneurs and to support them in their mission to create impact. That’s why she founded Purpose People.

Purpose People works with a diverse team of independent professionals – Purpose Associates – who get involved for activities and projects when their specific experience and expertise is most relevant. Besides these individuals we work with various Impact Allies, who all offer their diverse expertise and experience.

Our Associates and Allies all believe in our vision that purpose-driven people drive the change needed to face today’s challenges. They adhere to our values – authenticity, integrity, transparency, trust, collaboration. Associates and Allies are carefully selected.

We are always open to new collaborations, please connect with us for a (virtual) meet-up.

Who we work with

We work with both individuals and organisations. We love to provide support by sharing our experience and insights on topics including Purpose; Sustainable Business; Social Intrapreneurship; Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing. Although we are based in the Netherlands, we – and our partners – can virtually support anyone around the globe.

“Eveline Maas brengt met haar motiverende social intrapreneurship een nieuwe, inspirerende kijk op onze uitdagingen, die meer betekenen dan alleen onze eigen wereld.
Door Eveline word je uitgedaagd om breder en dieper te denken over essentiële zaken binnen het bedrijf, maar ook daarbuiten. De door haar aangereikte uitdagingen van social intrapreneurship geven een kracht van verandering aan, waardoor de oplossingen voor duurzaamheid en verantwoordelijk ondernemen door medewerkers bedacht en omarmd worden. Een extra inspiratie komt vanuit haar persoonlijke ervaringen en ‘journeys’, die voor een bijzondere impact van haar verhaal zorgen”

Pieter Hendrikse, CEO JLL Nederland

“What I felt was most valuable in the session were these points: 1. The opportunity to be able to speak with total honesty about the challenges of being a change agent having a strong desire to change things for the better from the inside of an organization and learning that these are common issues other intra and entrepreneurs feel on a day to day basis. I felt supported, not alone in what sometimes may feel a struggle and challenge bigger than your capacity. Also felt that even though immediate actions and results are not always possible, small steps and even the mere planting of seeds of consciousness in an organization are already a contribution. 2. Your knowledge on the subject is always a guide and an eye opening perspective on what is happening in other organizations and in a broader international scale. Furthermore, your knowledge of what groups and communities of similar minded people you can tap into as a social intra/entrepreneur was valuable. And as things progress I believe your knowledge and experience about what financial and other resources can help a social intra/entrepreneur will be valuable.”
Carlos from Ecuador about coaching with Purpose People