Impact Allies

Impact Allies are purpose-driven organisations that share our belief that by unlocking and harnessing the Power of Purpose individuals and their organisations will thrive and social impact will be maximised. Our Impact Allies adhere to our values – authenticity, integrity, transparency, trust, teamwork.

Impact Allies offer tools, programmes and solutions that support intrapreneurs to make more impact. These tools provide support for both personal and professional development. Personal development includes Purpose assessments, coaching, but also experteering experiences, etc. On the professional side intrapreneurs can be supported with tools to develop and sell their ideas, create innovation journeys, etc.

We carefully select our Impact Allies based on their expertise, values and track record.

Moving Worlds

"We empower you to make a positive impact with your career"

MovingWorlds helps skilled professionals to volunteer their expertise- or "experteer" – to social enterprises and non-profits around the world. We also run career acceleration programs - the MovingWorlds Institute and Impact Teams - that support Experteers to grow as professionals through their Experteering placement, and afterwards to grow their social purpose and impact at work.

People like us

"We co-create personal & business growth!"

We are growth facilitators. We understand the growth challenges business management faces. Empowering people, teams and businesses to connect, develop and grow on a shared purpose, is what we do. Together we co-create innovative ways to build the right capabilities, skillset and infrastructure needed for autonomous (business) growth.

Green Culture Lab

"Building Cultures of Sustainability"

Corporate anthropologist, culture consultant, keynote speaker, specialized in corporate culture, culture change, inclusion and sustainability. Founder of the Green Culture Lab, tutor in the MA program Sustainable Citizenship (Utrecht University). Has his exotic research roots on Greenland, where he conducted research on the social impact of climate change.