We believe that by unlocking and harnessing the Power of Purpose individuals and their organisations will thrive.

Purpose to us implies ‘why something is done’ and ‘reason for being’, which is valid both for individuals and organisations. Purpose serves as a compass which guides decisions for action and behaviour.

It is our Vision that purpose-driven people drive the change needed to face today’s challenges.

We believe that if everyone would live more purposefully, the world would be a much better, happier and safer place. The world desperately needs organisations, both private and public, to be driven by authentic values and purpose in order to make positive economic, social and environmental impact and thereby ensuring their own long term relevance, stability and growth and that of society at large.

We are not alone in this vision. Richard Branson has long been an advocate for a more sustainable world. Together with a global group of leaders he founded the B-Team initiative to catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet. They believe that the private sector can, and must, redefine both its responsibilities and its own terms of success. “We are developing a ‘Plan B’ – for concerted, positive action that will ensure business becomes a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. Plan A – where business has been motivated primarily by profit – is no longer an option.”

Management guru Michael Porter has started the Shared Value Initiative, which focuses company leaders on maximizing the competitive value of solving social problems in new customers and markets, cost savings, talent retention, and more. “Shared value offers corporations the opportunity to utilize their skills, resources, and management capability to lead social progress in ways that even the best-intentioned governmental and social sector organizations can rarely match.”

It is our mission to create awareness about intrapreneurship. We make organisations aware of the importance and value of impact intrapreneurs, so they will facilitate, stimulate and empower them. We Recognise, Support and Connect purpose-driven people to encourage them to maximise their impact.

We provide inspiration by showcasing how purpose-driven people and organisations turn their purpose into action. Together with our Impact Allies we provide support to intrapreneurs and their organisations through workshops, trainings and coaching & consulting. We regularly speak at events and we give lectures at universities.

In our view Purpose for individuals is a combination of Passion, Talent and Meaning, which can be best explained by the below model:
PASSION: What someone loves doing
TALENT: What someone is great at
MEANING: How someone adds value to others

Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world’s leading thinkers on creativity, education and self-fulfilment, identifies the ‘Element’ as the point at which natural TALENT meets personal PASSION. When people arrive at the Element, they feel most themselves and most inspired and achieve at their highest levels. MEANING refers to what you do for WHOM. We believe that true meaning is found when one adds value to other people and to society at large. Mission is where PASSION and MEANING converge and Impact is made when TALENT and MEANING are combined. When one is able to combine all three circles, PURPOSE is found.

For Organisations Purpose can be explained in a similar way.
PEOPLE: The combined passions of the employees working for the organisation
COMPETENCES: What the organisation is great at based on the talents of its people
MEANING: How the organisation adds value to others

Mission is when PEOPLE and MEANING converge and Impact is made when COMPETENCES are used to provide MEANING to others. Engagement is achieved when PEOPLE and COMPETENCES are combined. When an organisation is able to combine all three parts, it becomes a PURPOSEFUL organisation.